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    Forget Drones: Leafly Cannabis Delivery Takes Flight

    Sometimes the most innovative technology is also the simplest. Our team of engineers took the phrase “as the crow flies” literally, and Leafly Wings was born.

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    We will deliver everything in our extensive catalog.
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    Our motto is "high-altitude deliveries for high-altitude consumers" and we provide three species of birds that will deliver your order.

Open Standard

We utilize the open standard Cannabis over Avian Protocol. It is easy to implement for partners interested in broadening their market reach or interested in reducing operational cost.

Superior Performance

Our evolution-proven method will deliver regardless of time, weather, or traffic. No one will do better, not even mechanical drones.

Always Trackable

You will be able to track and monitor where your bird is at all time. We provide local weather conditions, bird health, and estimated time of arrival.

Maximum Quality

Because we deliver straight from our warehouses, we guarantee maximum cannabis product freshness. Our accessories are bubble-wrapped to avoid accidents during transit.

Outstanding Support

Backed by Leafly's customer support team, Leafly Wings will deliver the five-star, VIP-like cannabis experience you never had. Until now.

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